Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Counselor (2013) by Ridley Scott – Meditation Movie Review

THE COUNSELOR (2013) BY RIDLEY SCOTT - ESOTERIC SPIRITUAL MOVIE REVIEW BY SATCHIDANAND "Swami Satchidanand's movie reviews are actually the best in the world" - Student of EE The Counselor is a 2013 film directed by Ridley Scott, from the first original film screenplay by Cormac McCarthy. This follows on with "No Country for Old Men" written by Cormac McCarthy for the Coen Brothers which won prizes. It also follows on from a sequence of Ridley Scott Movies which are incredible - Blade Runner, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood which are hated by the paid shills of the critics because they are anti psychopath Commodus and Bad King John. The inevitability of Karma. Because they say - Do not enter into evil. The Counsellor with Fassbender as well as Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt and deals with theme of karma, of "Stay away from Evil" - this is the Good Counsel. The result of entering into the darkness of greed, death, and the primal instincts of hum

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cloud Atlas (2012) – Meditation Movie Review - A Spiritual Esoteric Analysis by Satchidanand

Cloud Atlas (2012) – Movie Review - A Spiritual Esoteric Analysis by Satchidanand “Everything is Connected.” There is an ancient zen Koan which asks, "Does a Dog have Buddha Nature?" Answer, "MU!" MU is the Buddhist, "OM" a guided meditation used to connect with the chakras above the head, with God. Both Humans and Dogs have the capacity to connect with God. Until they do, they are children, not completed, "Unmade Men", no understanding that, "something must be done", no Universal Love which considers an evolutionary future for our children and Grandchildren, no conscience, not enlightened, not truly adult, less than human - but everyone has the potential. As a vegetarian, we are all, animals and humans, made in the Image of God, - "Imago Dei". But we are not yet complete.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Spiritual Movie Reviews by Satchidanand

The heart of meditation, spiritual, esoteric movie reviews - American Beauty, Apocalypse Now, King Kong, The Last Airbender, The Golden Compass,,,... -


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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Buddhist Five Hindrances of Meditation And Energy Enhancement Advanced Meditation Techniques

Get a Bug Free Mind with Energy Enhancement!! 1. Sense desire 2. Anger 3. Sloth 4. Agitation and worry 5. Extreme skepticism Listed above are the five hindrances to meditation. Each one or a combination of more than one can prevent a successful practice. If you have too much sense desire you will find your mind wandering in meditation toward those things which you crave. If you are full of anger, you will be agitated and it will be very difficult to stay concentrated on your meditation subject. Sloth and torpor refers to sluggish-ness. You may just be tired and in need of rest. Usually the result of not Grounding Negative Karmic Mass Gas in the fires in the Center of the Earth is this Anaesthetic Gas in the Aura which sends us to sleep. After we get better at Grounding, Torpor and Sloth Melt away with Energy Enhancement. After you are rested, you can return to your meditation practice. Agitation and worry will keep your mind occupied away from your subj

Friday, November 1, 2013

For Enlightenment you need Addiction to the Samadhi Meditation State

Here is our latest Student report... After only Four initiations of Energy Enhancement Level One.. Update to my meditation: 28th October 2013 I am able to get into the samadhi state, if even for a short while...the first 10 minutes are very intense, I feel energy surging from above down through my body and into the earth and back up again. It feels like a stimulating bright white light of incredible frequency. Then after 10 minutes the energy turns smoother and more calming. The energy is super charging. Today I was travelling up above my head in my mind to connect with the energy and I noticed some blockages above my head! I didn't like it! I thought I wanted to pull them out but it was difficult so I kept bombing energy through them. It my mind, like a grey sphere with darker black inside the middle, sitting to try to block the flow of energy coming down which would normally flow into my crown. I tried methods of moving it up into the light and pushi