Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chakras Above The Head

A Stream Enterer is a person who aligns his body and mind with this stream of Energy from an infinity of Chakras above the head. In meditation both mind and body are brought into alignment with the energies from the center of the Universe through an infinity of Chakras above the head, through the body and to the center of the Earth Chakra, Kundalini Chakra .

Dharma or Dhamma is the Conscience acquired by one who enters into the Stream of Energy from Heaven to Earth and also into the higher Chakras above the head, the Soul Chakra gives conscience, the Jhanas, and gradually wears away his Energy Blockages. The gaining of Spiritual Energy (Read about Shaktipat here) of Level 1 of Energy Enhancement brightens up all the faculties, usually supplying sufficient Energy to awaken the Dharma Eye of Psychic Vision.

Nirvana, or Illumination follows as the good effects of that alignment in Energy Enhancement Meditation and the consequent removal of All Energy Blockage Impurities . (Peruse the Energy Blockage directory for more info on blockages)

Nibbana names the transcendent and singularly ineffable freedom that stands as the final goal of all the Buddha's teachings.

If nothing is happening in your Meditation, Whats Up!! Some people sit for 20 Years without any discernible change. Energy Enhancement Advanced Meditation Techniques speed up the process.

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