Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The Kundalini Key of Energy Enhancement is described by a flow of energy down the front of the body - The Meridian of Chinese Acupuncture of the Central Meridian - down into the Chakra in the Center of the Earth outside of the body - "Outside of the box" called Kundalini Chakra from which all Kundalini Energy arises as if from a well. As the negative energy is burnt up in the Fission Fires of the Nuclear Generator in the Center of the Earth which has kept this Earth Molten for Four Billion Years, a great tongue of flame arises from Kundalini Chakra up the spine - called the Chinese Acupuncture Meridian, The Governing Meridian - awakening Kundalini, purifying the Bodily Chakras and Ascends into the Chakras above the head for more Fusion Star Energy flowing down the front of the body. The Energy of the Soul. The Energy of the Monad. The Energy of the Logos. the Energy of the Avatar of Synthesis. Perhaps access to Ascended masters and our past lives. If the Energy Enhancement Ma

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Idris Said said...

Salam Satchi,

I had the patience to read your blog,impressive though, but not convincing to me. My conclusion is that the other dimensional life forms which we identify as the Jinns, created from plasma energy, are playing games on us. In my faith, Islam, I am forced to accept Qur'an 20:120 which says that the Iblis promised Adam the Tree of Eternity and a kingdom that never dies. Elsewhere,Iblis promises eternal life or immortality,and to become angels (or "gods"). With due respect, I do admit that your website is the best on the subject. Thank you.

I M Said